Top 5 Android Apps to Secure Wi-Fi Connection from Being Hacked

The trend of connecting to the rest of the world through Wi-Fi is increasing day by day. You can’t even imagine that a mobile device without a Wi-Fi will get an enormous popularity. The Wi-Fi technology has been appreciated the most because in the Wi-Fi connection you’ve no need of cables. In the advanced countries this technology has used from the last few years but in the progressing countries this technology is in its infancy stage.


If you’ve the Wi-Fi connection then you should be thinking that how to secure your Wi-Fi connection because your neighbors or your friends may use your Wi-Fi connection and in this way you will get the minimum speed. There are many ways to steal Wi-Fi password and to enjoy the free surfing of your Wi-Fi internet connection.

Wi-Fi Security Apps

If you’re regularly facing the slow internet problem then first of all make sure that your Wi-Fi is secured. The security of your Wi-Fi router comes first. In the field of IT nothing is impossible, if you think that you’ve the strongest Wi-Fi password and no one can steal it then you’re totally wrong. There are softwares and apps available which can be used to steal or hack your Wi-Fi connection password.

If you wish to secure your Wi-Fi connection and to audit your Wi-Fi router security then here we’ve the best Android apps for securing your Wi-Fi connection from being hacked.

Top Android Apps to Secure WiFi Connection from Being Hacked

1:- Wi-Fi Pass Audit

Wi-Fi Pass Audit is the leading Android app used to secure your Wi-Fi connection. This app has the most wonderful features. This is a network audit app which helps you to get the key of your own Wi-Fi connection. This app not only sure your Wi-Fi security but also let you to use the others Wi-Fi networks with approval of the owner. If you’re alone using your Wi-Fi connection then use the Wi-Fi Pass Audit app to secure your Wi-Fi connection.

2:- Wi-Fi Inspector

If there are many users connected to your Wi-Fi connection, then Wi-Fi Inspector is the most suitable Android app that helps you to secure your Wi-Fi connection. Using the Wi-Fi Inspector you can see all the connected devices to your connections (TVs, PCs, Wired, Wi-Fi, Phones, Weather consoles and tablets etc). The Wi-Fi Inspector gives you the data like the Manufacture name, Mac Address, device name and IP address. This is the free Android app.

3:- Wi-Fi Password

Wi-Fi Password is the leading Android app that creates advanced algorithm codes for you. The most important feature of the Wi-Fi Password app is that it generates random passwords for your Wi-Fi connections. It has security type WPA2 64/160/504 bits-64/128/256 bit WEP. This great app prevents brute force attacks on your Wi-FI connection.

4:- Wi-Fi Protector

Wi-Fi Protector Android app is the leading and most useful Android app that secures your Wi-Fi internet connection. This great Android app not only detects but also protects your Wi-Fi connection from any kind of ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) like MITM (Man In The Middle) and DOS (Denial Of Service). This great app makes sure the privacy of your Wi-Fi connection. It disables the access of any kind of tools that tries to break your Wi-Fi connection password and steal your data.

5:- Wi-Fi Spy for Android

Wi-Fi Spy is the free Android app that detects spies on your Wi-Fi internet connection. The primary task of Wi-Fi Spy is to detect spies, search for the intruders in your Wi-Fi internet connection. We didn’t recommends you to use the Wi-Fi Spy Android app for hacking the others computers on internet or to scan the Wi-Fi connection in the surrounding areas.

We’re hopeful that these Android apps will greatly helps you to secure your Wi-Fi connection. Do let us know in the comments section if you’ve any query in using these free Android apps.

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