SIM Unlock iPhone Running on iOS 8 or above Version Using R-SIM Method

Apple iOS devices are famous for its high security. SIM lock feature is the most appreciated feature of iPhone but sometimes it becomes a headache for us. Unlocking iPhone is very simple for those having some experience about it but is tough for the beginners. If you’ve Apple iPhone running iOS 8 or above versions and facing the SIM lock problem then go ahead and follow this detailed guide on how to SIM unlock Apple iPhone running on iOS 8 and above versions.


SIM Unlock Using R-SIM Method

Steps to SIM Unlock iPhone via SIM Unlock Method:

Note: This method of SIM unlocking iPhone is absolutely different from the factory unlocking. In this process you should have the R-SIM constantly.

Before unlocking iPhone using the R-SIM, you should know some things such as:

  1. This method is applicable to any versions of iOS 8.
  2. You can unlock iPhone 4S or above model using this method.
  3. You need to buy an R-SIM for SIM unlocking iPhone other wise it won’t work.
  4. Currently 4G is not working on R-SIM therefore you should have the 3G compatible SIM’s for unlocking your iPhone.

List of Devices That Can Be SIM Unlocked Using R-SIM:

  1. iPhone 4S.
  2. iPhone 5.
  3. iPhone 5c.
  4. iPhone 5S.
  5. iPhone 6.
  6. iPhone 6 Plus.

Step to SIM Unlock Using R-SIM Method:

Step No 1:- First of all open the SIM card placeholder.

Step No 2:- Now put the R-SIM in the SIM card placeholder and then put your regular SIM card.

Step No 3:- Next, a menu will be appeared with some options.

Step No 4:- Select your iPhone that depends that which of the R-SIM you have.

Step No 5:- Go to Menu > Select your Network.

Step No 6:- Hit the “Accept” button.

Step No 7:- Restart your iPhone.

After completing all the above steps your iPhone will be unlocked.


If you have any query in your mind about SIM unlocking iPhone using an R-SIM, just drop a comment in the comments section below.

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