How to Merge/Remove/Delete Duplicate Contacts on Android

We’ve always hundreds of contacts in our mobile phones. Duplicate contacts are the most common issue in phones. We normally use the third-party apps to clean up the duplicated contacts but thanks to Android because it has some great options that let you clean up the duplicate contacts. You may get contacts into your Android Smartphone from multiple accounts i.e. Google account, SIM card contacts, phone contacts and from Email accounts. When you enable the sync then syncing contacts from multiple accounts always leads to duplications on your phonebook.


Maximum of the users saves their contacts in SD Card and after a month or two they schedule to import backup to phone which causes duplication. After flashing the ROM or wiping the phone’s data, when we sign into our Email or Google account our Android Smartphone starts syncing the saved contacts into our phone which also causes contacts duplications.

Delete Merge Duplicate Contacts on Android

If you’re also facing the duplicate contacts issue on your Android smartphone then here in this tutorial we will guide you that how to clean up or remove the duplicate contacts from your Android Smartphone. We always test our guides before sharing it with our friends like other guides we’ve first check it on HTC and LG device but we are sure that it will also work on Samsung, Sony and Motorola devices.

How to Delete Duplicate Contacts on Android Devices?

How to Add or Remove Accounts?

You can choose that from which of the online accounts to sync contacts. It will greatly decrease the chances of duplication. For this purpose go to Contacts app and then tap on the options key to find the “Accounts” option and tap on it. A pop up having the list of your active online accounts will be appeared where from your Android Smartphone is syncing and getting the contacts. This is the place where from you can’t only add but also remove the online accounts. By tapping on “Add Account” you can add the Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft or Non-Gmail accounts. If you want to sync to Twitter and Facebook contacts then you’ve to install the apps for both and also to sign in first.

If you think that there are duplicate contacts in your Android Smartphone then from this guide you will be able to know that how to delete the duplicate contacts on your Phone.

1: Go to phone’s contacts.

2: Tap on the “Merge Contacts” option.

3: Wait for a while because after selecting the merge contacts option your phone will scan your phone address book for the duplicate contacts.

4: When the scanning completes then it will let you whether to merge all the contacts with matching detail such as email address and phone numbers.

5: After selecting the merge contacts option your phone will merge the duplicate contacts available on your phone address book.

After applying the above steps if you found that the duplicate contacts are still available in your phone book then tap on “Contacts to Display” option and select a single source. This will surely fix your issue because your phone may show the contacts from the Google account.

How to Show Contacts with Phone Number Only?

If you don’t want to see the email contacts from the Gmail or other contacts then you can remove such kind of contacts by heading over to Contacts options and then select the Settings > Only Contacts with Phones.


Do let us know in the comments section if this simple guide fixes your duplicate contacts problem.

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