How to Fix iPhone/iPad Not Charging Issue

Here in this tutorial we’ll guide you that how to solve iPhone/iPad Not charging issue. Many users reported that they are facing not charging issue on their iPhone or iPad devices whenever they connect them to charger. Some people have reported that their device start charging but after few seconds there appear error stated that “Charging is not supported with this accessory”. If you’ve ever experienced such kind of error then first, you must change your charger to fix this error but if the problem still exists. Don’t be frustrated because here we have a guide that will help you to fix not charging issue on iPhone or iPad.


Main causes of this error is un-certified 3rd party accessories or distorted cable. According to some people main cause of this error is OS which is absolutely wrong. Now follow these instructions carefully and I hope that the “Not Charging Issue” will be fixed.

Fixing iPhone and iPad Not Charging Issue

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3 Methods to Fix Not Charging Error on iPhone/iPad

Method No 1:- Check your Charger Connection:

First method to solve not charging error on iPhone or iPad is to check the bottom of your iOS device. Use the Vacuum Cleaner or small blower to clean the connector where you’ve plug your charger cable. When you clean your device then try to charge your iOS device.

Method No 2:- Drain the Battery Completely and then Charge:

Discharge your device battery until it start showing black screen and then connect the original charger in order to charge the device. If you’re an iPod Touch user then you’ve to wait for 20 minutes and for 10 minutes if you’re iPhone user to show that your device is charging.

Method No 3:- Check the Power Adapter:

If both of the above methods failed to solve your problem then check the power adapter. Those who want to charge their devices via PC, they will require the iTunes already installed on PC.

Change the charger if the above methods does not work for you.


I hope that our methods will solve your problem. Write us in the comments section that how you find this tutorial about fixing iPhone/iPad not charging issue.

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