Downgrade to Earlier Firmware Using TinyUmbrella App [8.2 and 8.1.3]

If you’ve jailbroken your iPhone and facing problems, e.g., your iPhone is not running correctly, or you’re facing problems with the firmware, then the only option is, to restore your jailbroken iPhone to the earlier version, but how to do it? Because Apple has closed the loophole available for the older iOS versions to downgrade to the previous versions. TinyUmbrella is the only tool available that allows you to restore your device to the earlier firmware.


How to Download and Install TinyUmbrella App

In 2014 and 15 iOS users used TinyUmbrella to downgrade their devices to the older versions so that they could easily jailbreak their iOS devices using PPjailbreak and Taig. It was mainly possible to save SHSH blobs using TinyUmbrella app. In iOS 5 and later versions, Apple imposed some restrictions so that no one could downgrade to earlier versions of iOS. TinyUmbrella is developed by Semaphore aka @notcom said; that he has rewritten the TinyUmbrella and released it with the iOS 8.2 and iOS 8.1.3 support.

The newly released TinyUmbrella is just like its older versions, but the older versions were difficult to use. The new IPSW file (created by TinyUmbrella) can be used to restore your iOS devices to the older versions that Apple has stopped signing.

Creating backup of the SHSH blobs would be useful in the future because if the hackers discover a method to restore to the earlier versions using the IPSW firmware file, then the saved SHSH blobs would be more useful. This new version of TinyUmbrella not only saves the SHSH blobs automatically but you can also save the “OTA” SHSH blobs for the popular iOS devices like the latest iPhone 6 and 6 Plus running iOS 8.2 or 8.1.3. Keep in mind that nowadays Apple is only signing iOS 8.2 and iOS 8.1.3.

Download TinyUmbrella for iOS 8.2 and iOS 8.1.3:

  1. Download TinyUmbrella
  2. TinyUmbrella – BETA [OSX App Only]
  3. TinyUmbrella – BETA [OSX Installer]
  4. TinyUmbrella – BETA [WIN x86 Installer]
  5. TinyUmbrella – BETA [WIN x64 Installer]
  6. TinyUmbrella – BETA [WIN x86 zip]
  7. TinyUmbrella – BETA [WIN x64 zip]
  8. Fix Recovery [Windows]
  9. Set Recovery [OSX]

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